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About the Book

Spring of Elves   

 Queen Elin has arrived--but what will this mean to the two light elf villages? Will the queen be a threat or ally? Alice, Emily, and Aly, and their creature friends scramble to keep their villages safe as shocking new threats appear around every corner, King Helmar is up to no good, and trying to destroy the Kingdom of Ijus once and for all. Can the guardians keep the villages safe this time.  


Winter of Elves
     Winter of Elves is the third book in the Seasons of Elves series. New dangers arrive for the light elves with the first snowfall. More threats show up around every corner for Aly, her sister Emily, and their grandmother Alice, as they encounter rock elves and their dwarf partners. At the same time, Emily is growing into her new guardianship powers, scaring everyone when she disappears without warning. The three guardians must work with their creature friends to keep the light elf villages-and themselves-safe, receiving help from some familiar creatures as they gain strength and further understand their purpose as guardians.


Autumn of Elves
     Autumn of Elves, is the second book in the Seasons of Elves series, Aly finds her guardianship responsibilities increasing as the autumn wears on. When her ten-year-old sister, Emily, sees a troll on a family outing panic strikes both Aly and her grandmother. The shock of Emily also having magical powers gives way as the sisters begin to share a world of intrigue. Aly becomes the instructor and protector while they interact with many new creatures--some of which are fascinating and some terrifying, 


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Summer of Elves

      Summer of Elves was inspired by my granddaughter, Aly.  She requested I write a book she could bring to school and share with friends.  Since Aly is the namesake of my mother, Alice, I decided to name my characters after them.  My mother passed away before my grandchildren had a chance to know her personality, interests, and her amazing adventurous spirit.  This book brings my mother back to life.  I also wanted to bring in our Swedish ancestry and therefore incorporated the creatures from Norse Mythology.  After studying folklore and learning each creature's lifestyle the book started to come to life.
This is the first book in a four-book series.


"Joanne Vruno brilliantly catapults the reader into the world of mystical elves. She engages our senses with lore and imagination. This is a fast-paced journey of a young girl's summer and her quest to find her connection to elves, gnomes, trolls, and dwarfs.  A fun and whimsical story the entire family will enjoy, especially the young at heart.  Readers will never view a garden statue quite the same way again. A magical novel. Poof!"
Pat Mancini, owner of Mancini's Char House and Mancini's at the Fair

"An enchanting fantasy about a twelve-year-old girl who has been thrust into a magical world, and now must learn how to use this newfound talent. Trained by her grandmother,Aly embraces the responsibility of seeing a mythical world that most humans never will see. In this coming-of-age novel, our heroine needs to embrace these powers so good conquers evil. This book pulls you in from the first page, and the end comes too quickly. The vivid writing style, charming characters, and enticing storyline hold your attention throughout the novel, Joanne Vruno is a master storyteller, and this beautifully written story is a compelling creation."
Martha Rossini Olson, owner of Sweet Martha's Cookies

Loon Child

       Loon Child came to me one night as I was watching the moon rise over a lake in Hayward, Wisconsin.  I was taking one of my first writing classes that emphasized writing about anything that caught your eye.  The night was completely calm. A lit path formed by the moon shined over the little ripples on the surface of the water.  Watching the reflection made me realize a fisherman needed to be introduced.  The character of Tom Jackson emerged. Trying to find his inner soul at the time the lake became a place of reprieve. A loon called at that moment and I knew it had to be brought into the story. Soon the story took life. Realizing the loon needed some mystery, led me to Joseph.


"Loon Child is a sparkling debut for Joanne Vruno.  Alone on a nighttime fishing trip, Tom encounters a loon that mystically leads him to and abandoned child named Joseph. Taking the youngster into his home changes Tom's life, and touches the lives of his friends and neighbors, as well.  As Tom struggles to solve the mystery of the boy's abandonedment, he achieves a better appreciation of his own past, and the value of family.  Vruno does a wonderful job of introducing us to her characters, and making us care about them.  The mystery of Joseph's abandonment--and the loon's involvement--is deftly handled, leading to a satisfying, yet still somewhat mystical conclusion.  Loon Child is a heartwarming read that will appeal to all ages."
Steve Alcorn
American entrepreneur, engineer, inventor, author, and teacher

"Joanne Vruno has created a story of love, spirit, magic, and mystery.  Its setting is nature, and human nature is within it.  For those of you who believe, you will know the manitou exists after reading Loon Child."
Don Shelby
journalist and author of The Season Never Ends