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Spring of Elves, was released June 15, 2016. This book is available in paperback and ereader forms. It is for sale from this website if you would like an author signed book or from Amazon. Barnes and Noble, and other independent bookstores.

Winter of Elves, was released September 1, 2015.
Copies are available in paperback and ereader versions

Autumn of Elves, released May 1, 2015.
Copies are available in paperback and ereader versions. Sold online through this website, Barnes and, and

Midwest Book Review
Autumn of Elves
Joanne Vruno, author
North Star Press
PO Box 451, St. Cloud, Minnesota 56302
9780878397976, $12.95,

"Autumn of Elves" is book two in the Seasons of Elves series for middle grade chapter book readers. Sourced in nature and seasonal activities and observations, "Autumn of Elves" continues a relationship exploration between sisters Aly and Emily and a magical, alternate world known as the kingdom of Ijus, full of fantastic creatures including elves, gnomes, trolls, fairies, tree sprites and more. Aly is both thrilled and alarmed to discover her 10 year old sister, Emily, also has magical powers and is to become another guardian of the creatures of Ijus. The two sisters have an ally in their grandmother, who shares their bond with the magical world. Many dangers and adventures challenge the sisters in their guardianship-in -training activities and roles. They also discover a network of new friends, and some unseen enemies. Being a protective guardian is a big job, as is learning to train and use your special magical powers, while keeping secret the existence of both the magic and the fragile realm to which the guardian sisters have been granted access. The sisters learn much about responsibility and the duty to place the needs of the elf colony above private aims. "Autumn of Elves" is a fast- moving, exciting, fantasy sequel with lots of parallel opportunities for young readers to experience challenges, definition of core values, and growth. Just the right balance of unpredictability and security interlace the complex plot, both challenging and enticing young readers to chase the story to its mostly happy ending. Young heroines will enjoy identifying with the protector roles of the sister guardians in "Autumn of Elves," and will be eager for the third volume of the Seasons of E
lves series, which is hopefully forthcoming.

Summer of Elves
 released September 15, 2014.

Is available in paperback and ereader versions

Check out the trailer for Summer of Elves:

Loon Child is Joanne Vruno's first novel.

It was released on June 15, 2012.

It is available in paperback, ereader, and audio versions.