Summer of Elves for Book Clubs

Summer of Elves

Aly’s world suddenly changes when she goes to work for her grandmother. Her position of helping in her gardens soon turns into a training camp to become the new guardian of a band of light elves. Creatures known from Norse Mythology appear wherever she goes. Some are friendly with her and some are very dangerous. Her summer is spent learning how to adjust to a life where both humans and creatures live. 

Summer of Elves For Book Clubs

Discussion Questions

  1. How would you react if you woke up to a creature next to your bed? Would you feel comfortable sleeping in your room afterwards?
  2. Have you heard of all the creatures in this story? Which one would you most likely meet in person?
  3. Would you risk your lif for your pet? Do you think Aly was wise in her decision to save Chica?
  4. Which of Aly’s powers would you want? Why did you pick that one? Would you want more than one of her powers?
  5. Which creature fits your personality the most? Why did you chose that one?
  6. Will you look differently at large burrs in trees now? Did you ever think nature would help Aly? 
  7. How do you think Emily will handle seeing creatures? Do you think she will get some of the other powers?
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