Winter of Elves

Winter of Elves

Aly’s strength as a guardian grows as she becomes closer to her band of light elves thanks to the lead elves, Agda and Beck. What becomes a challenge to both sisters is keeping Emily’s new powers in control so their parents do not discover them. Thankfully, Emily masters controlling her powers right when Aly and their grandmother discover their villages are in danger.

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Winter of Elves  is the continuing story of Aly, Emily, and all of their magical friends. Emily and Aly are on winter break from school, but they must continue their training. Additionally, Aly needs to keep her light elf village safe. Aly is called to the light elf village to figure out why a wolf is lingering outside. She discovers that it is injured, so she brings it to her grandma’s house to help it recover. When she arrives, her grandma and the rest of the group start to question whether the wolf may be a descendant of the mythical wolf Fenrir.  Regardless of whether or not the injured wolf is a descendant of Fenrir, tons of dwarfs and rock elves have tracked him there. How are they going to get rid of all of the dwarves and rock elves? Is the injured wolf a descendant of Fenrir? Find out in Winter of Elves!

Opinion: Winter of Elves was an awesome book. I enjoyed that the author, Joanne Vruno, added new and exciting details to each continuing book in the Seasons of Elves series. I never would have expected a wolf would be so instrumental to one of the books. I also liked that there was so much detail and description in each book. I felt like I was right there with the characters every step of the way. The descriptions continued to build upon each character in this book. A part in the book that I particularly enjoyed was when a secret was discovered about the rock elves. I loved every part of this book. I would recommend it to students aged 11 and up or to anyone who has read and liked books one and two.”

-Jotaf, at

“The best season of elves book (so far)!

This is my favorite as the bond between Aly and Emily grow. Love the new characters and Kopper’s new skill! Looking forward to the last book.”

-J. Whelan